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  • Price

    £260 (for up to 2 people)

  • Dates

    All year

  • Group Size

    Max. 2 people

  • Includes:

    6-8 hours with transport to locations

  • Start/End Point

    Isle of Skye

  • Fitness

    A good level of fitness is needed.

  • Reward Points


The elusiveness and fascination of otters makes them a target for many wildlife photographers.

The Isle of Skye, like many of Scotland’s islands, has a healthy population of otters around its coastline. The otters here feed primarily along the coast and shoreline, and are thus rely on the cycle of the tides to feed. This means they are often active throughout the day, and coupled with the right fieldcraft and knowledge you can get up close and personal with these wonderfully charismatic mammals. They are however notoriously difficult to find, so a good dose of patience is required to be in with a chance of spotting these incredible creatures.

“I’d never seen otters in the wild before, but with Harry’s intimate knowledge of Skye’s coastline we enjoyed amazing views of an otter mother and her cubs”. Alan

While there is no mountain climbing involved in looking for otters, a moderate level of fitness and agility is usually needed as getting close to otters can often involve clambering over slippery rocks and keeping low.

Otters can be photographed all through the year, and have to feed every single day in order to get enough energy to keep warm in cold Scottish waters. The day will be dictated by the tides, so it might mean an early start, late finish, or an afternoon saunter!

Meet your host...


Harry is a zoologist and professional wildlife photographer. He has many years of experience in tracking and spotting otters in the wild. He has spent hundreds, if not thousands, of hours on Skye’s coastlines following and photographing these elusive mammals.



“I would have been happy even without getting any pictures, just seeing otters up close and personal.”
“An amazing wildlife photography experience, I wanted to sit there all day watching them.”
“Harry was knowledgeable, but above all considerate to the wildlife - the animals came first.”


An otter checks for danger before curling up to sleep.