The Italian Dolomites


  • Price


  • Dates

    15th - 23rd September, 2024

  • Group Size

    Max. 8

  • Includes:

    Accommodation, breakfast & dinner, local transport

  • Start/End Point

    Innsbruck, Austria

  • Fitness

    A very good level of fitness is required

The 2024 trip is now full. Please get in touch if you would like to be added to the waiting list.

There are many companies and photographers offering photo trips to the Dolomites, but none of them do it quite like we do.

We steer well clear of the usual honeypot locations which are usually overrun by Instagrammers and large numbers of photographers all vying for the best positions. This never provides a rewarding experience and as a result, you’re unlikely to look upon your photos without them being tarnished by the memory of having to fight through the crowds, not to mention the buzz from a squadron of drones which always rob the mountains of their natural tranquility.

Over the past ten years, we’ve been venturing deep into the mountains, seeking out the most impressive views for photography, the best trails to access such locations, and the most practical accommodation to stay in once there. All of this combined, allows us to deliver our trademark “off the beaten track” experience. Basically, if you’re looking to photograph the most impressive mountains in the world, allow us to show you the Dolomites with a difference.

You ran a great tour, and I really wouldn’t have changed anything if I could do it again. The places you got us into, at the right times were all excellent.
Phil A

Most of the locations we’ll be shooting in, we’ll have to ourselves. The only other people you may see are hardy climbers heading to scale some of the remote pinnacles or via ferrata routes. This not only enriches the experience of being among the mountains, but it also ensures you don’t come away with a memory card full of cliched photos which have been seen a thousand times before.

As the title suggests, this trip is a real Adventure - with a capital A. Participants must be of a very good fitness level as many of the locations we will be going to require a 2-3 hour hard hike, with elevation gains of up to 800m (2500ft). We’ll be at altitudes around 3000m above sea level, so there is less oxygen in the air from which to catch your breath. The good news is that we move at a relaxed pace, with plenty of stops to admire the epic views or rest for lunch.

We stay in remote mountain refuges, most of which are only accessible by foot. The effort you put in to reach such location will be more than rewarded by the world-class panoramic views you’ll spend the following few hours capturing with your camera.

Meet the team...

Our guides comes from a wide range of backgrounds, bringing with them a diverse skillset to pass  on to our trip members. We always use two guides for every trip of four or more participants, ensuring that everyone gets a good amount of personal attention. You’ll be notified of your allocated guides once they have been confirmed.

Harry - As a  zoologist, Harry’s initial interest in photography was wildlife based, but living on the Isle of Skye, among some of the UK’s most dramatic landscapes, it’s not surprising that he now points his camera at geology as much as zoology. Being young (well, relative to the others!), Harry loves his technology and uses this to his advantage with his photography.

Nick - A highly technical photographer who enjoys passing on his knowledge to others. Fortunately, Nick has a lot of patience, so if you don’t understand a concept, he’ll be happy to explain or demonstrate it several times. Nick’s authentic photographic style ensures his images accurately represent the scene he captured - allowing the light to do the work.

Marcus - An award winning pro photographer since 2005, Marcus started his career as a travel photographer. He’s visited over 50 countries and lived in a few too. A bit of a purist and a traditionalist, Marcus can often be found with a film camera from last century rather than toting the latest technology around his neck.

Ruth - As the host of our popular Photography Online show, Ruth is the team member everyone wants to meet (much to the envy of the others). She’s in her element when photographing “life” - manmade things in their natural state.



An amazing experience and one which I would love to do again

What made this trip special were the overnight stays in the refuges to get the best views at sunrise and sunset.

You have a great way of blending fun with learning. Don’t change your style!


We get you to elevated views for dawn and dusk.