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Photography Online is a monthly YouTube show from the team at Mc2 Photography. We bring you tips from the pros, gossip from the industry, the latest gear reviews, the best locations, and much more. Our channel members (Photography Online Official Supporters - or POOS for short!) also get access to our monthly interactive PO LIVE show.

We also produce the monthly Photography Online Podcast which comes out at the same time as the main show. You can listen below or on any of the major podcast platforms.

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June 2024 - The Show for Photographers

In this episode of Photography Online, we venture to what we reckon could be the best view in the world. Join us as we camp overnight to photograph the sunset and morning light in this amazing location. We also head off to Cuba to look at panning with a moving subject. We'll tell you all you need to know if you fancy giving this technique a go. We catch up with the Photo Challenge team as they push into the second half of their 7 day quest to shoot all 15 UK national parks. This time they are at the Pembrokeshire Coast, Brecon Beacons and the Norfolk Broads. Then we get out a 4x5 wooden camera to take some shots in an old abandoned building.

May 2024 - The Show for Photographers

In this episode of Photography Online, we venture to Snowdonia and the Pembrokeshire Coast national parks as we try to see if we can shoot all 15 UK parks in only 7 days. Then we head to Spain where we do some long exposure coastal photography using filters. It's then off to Texas in the hope of seeing and photographing a total solar eclipse, before hopping over to Havana to look at how to use a handheld light meter.

April 2024 - The Show for Photographers

In this episode of Photography Online, we continue our challenge to shoot all 15 UK national parks in 1 week, as we visit the Lake District and the Peak District. We look at the best focal lengths for portraiture, and bust a common myth which leads many astray. We then give you a tour around a slate quarry in North Wales, which is full of photographic potential. Then finally we start a two part series on how to master metering, especially when shooting on film (as there's no histogram). We'll show you how easily your camera will get many scenes totally wrong when it comes to exposure, and how to avoid making this mistake.

March 2024 - The Show for Photographers

In this episode of Photography Online, we continue the UK National Parks challenge and attempt to shoot 3 in a single day. We then head out under the stars for Essential Camera Skills to give you all the basics on how to shoot the Milky Way or Aurora Borealis. Then we explore a lesser known location in Dartmoor and head off to Venice with a couple of 35mm film cameras.

February 2024 - The Show for Photographers

In this action packed episode we start what must be the UK's most demanding photo challenge - to shoot all 15 UK national parks in only one week. Day 01 sees them in the Cairngorms and the Trossachs. We then take advantage of the dark evenings by doing some light painting with one of the UK's most experienced night time photographers. We're then off to Chester Zoo to see how difficult it is to take wildlife photos which look like they're in the wild. We end the show on a remote Scottish island, as we attempt to capture a dramatic photo on a Fuji GX617 camera in 60mph winds.

January 2024 - The Show for Photographers

Find out all about our exciting new 2024 format as we start the UK's ultimate photo challenge with Accurist Watches. We then give you some ideas for shooting indoor and outdoor macro photos with your digital camera. Then we take a photo tour of Namibia to see why it's one of the world's most sought after photo locations. Finally, we do a model shoot on film and process the rolls in the wrong chemicals - just to see what happens. As well as all this we are giving away our biggest ever prize - a week-long winter photo holiday for up to 6 people on the Isle of Skye.

The Podcast

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