The Southwest. The perfect classroom for photographers.

Southwest Photo Academy

Devon and Cornwall appear on many photographers' wish lists, and rightly so. With a diverse offering of landscapes and wildlife, all easily accessible, there's something for everyone to point their camera at. With charming fishing villages, two national parks, over 500 miles of rugged coastline, much of it battered by Atlantic swells and an abundance of wildlife, the Southwest counties offer enough to quench the thirst of any photographer.

“Never having done anything like this before, I had no idea what to expect. Our guide was patient, helpful, supportive, encouraging, interesting, funny and so much more...”

Our Dartmoor resident pro photographer, James McCormick, will reveal the hidden secrets of the area, taking you to the best locations to suit both your own interests and the conditions you find yourself working in. James prides himself on his creative photographic skills and enjoys passing on his in-depth knowledge of what makes an image work and how to get your photos telling the stories you want them to tell. Not only will he explain how to take an image, he'll encourage you to ponder the more important question of why you are taking it.

Also on offer is the opportunity to develop your street photography skills from numerous locations such as the market town of Tavistock or a number of picturesque coastal villages where you can observe and capture human stories through your lens.

1-to-1 Workshops


Take your photography to the next level with a 1-to-1 workshop designed just for you.

Let our expert guides help you get the most from your equipment and help improve your skills. All our workshops are fully flexible to cater for all levels of experience and interests. Using local professionals who know the area better than anyone, you'll be sure to be in the best locations at the right time.

Beginners will be shown the very basics of photography and become familiar with the controls of their camera. If you’re already comfortable with your camera but are looking to build on your existing knowledge then we will assess the way you currently work and make suggestions on how to improve the areas we identify as needing the most attention. For the advanced customer who already knows the technical side of how to use their equipment, we will focus on the creative side of photography, looking at how to make the most of the light and how to add maximum impact into your images.

Our workshops last for around eight hours and can be split into two separate sessions - at the start and end of the day - to coincide with the best available light. We can also do the workshop in a single session if we are working around the weather or if this is more convenient for the customer. Ultimately, this is your day and we are here to help you get the most from it.

Full day (8 hours) = £260 / Half day (4 hours) = £160. A £60 deposit is required at the time of booking, with the balance not due until the actual day itself. A 10% discount is available for three or more days booked at the same time.

Location Guidance


For photographers who aren't looking for tuition but would like to tap into our local knowledge to get into the best places at the perfect time.

Locations are tailored to the customers’ interests, fitness levels, and of course, the weather condtions on the day. This ensures everyone gets the shots they want without having to leave their comfort zone.

Guidance lasts for eight hours which can be split into two sessions, the first starting at dawn and the second ending at sunset. Alternatively the whole day can be run in one session, either starting at sunrise or ending at sunset.

Full day = £220. A 10% discount is available for three or more days booked at the same time.