St Kilda


  • Price


  • Dates

    TBA 2025

  • Group Size

    Max. 10

  • Includes:

    Accommodation, meals, local transport

  • Start/End Point

    Uig, Isle of Skye

  • Fitness

    Good level of fitness required

This trip will not be running in 2024. Stay tuned for information on our 2025 trips.

Join us for our annual photo holidays to St Kilda, the UK’s only double UNESCO world heritage site.

The landscape of St Kilda borders on otherworldly. The islands are the remains of a long-extinct volcano which juts unapologetically from the untamed ocean. The main island of Hirta is home to the UK’s tallest sea cliffs, rising straight up almost half a kilometre.

I came away from St. Kilda having experienced some of the very best days of my life.

With a fascinating human history, astounding landscapes, including Britain’s highest sea cliffs, and wildlife in abundance, St Kilda is a truly unique place. Come and stay in the UK’s remotest village and explore this world class archipelago with us.

This year we will be once again running three back-to-back trips. All three trips will feature the same opportunities to photograph both the epic landscapes and plentiful wildlife present on St Kilda.

This is an adventure - an extraordinary opportunity to spend time exploring an extraordinary place and observing its wild inhabitants .

Meet the team...

Our guides comes from a wide range of backgrounds, bringing with them a diverse skillset to pass  on to our trip members. We always use two guides for every trip of four or more participants, ensuring that everyone gets a good amount of personal attention. You’ll be notified of your allocated guides once they have been confirmed.


James: Coming from a commercial photographic background, James tends to focus on the creative side of things as opposed to the technicalities of his equipment. For James, it’s not so much how to take an image, but more why to take an image. Or course, he knows the former too, but James will likely have you thinking in new ways.

Marcus: An award winning pro photographer since 2005, Marcus started his career as a travel photographer. He’s visited over 50 countries and lived in a few too. A bit of a purist and a traditionalist, Marcus can often be found with a film camera from last century rather than toting the latest technology around his neck.

Harry: As a zoologist, Harry’s initial interest in photography was wildlife based, but living on the Isle of Skye, among some of the UK’s most dramatic landscapes, it’s not surprising that he now points his camera at geology as much as zoology. Being young (well, relative to the others!), Harry loves his technology and uses this to his advantage with his photography.

Nick: A highly technical photographer who enjoys passing on his knowledge to others. Fortunately, Nick has a lot of patience, so if you don’t understand a concept, he’ll be happy to explain or demonstrate it several times. Nick’s authentic photographic style ensures his images accurately represent the scene he captured - allowing the light to do the work.

Ruth: As the host of our popular Photography Online show, Ruth is the team member everyone wants to meet (much to the envy of the others). She’s in her element when photographing “life” - manmade things in their natural state. Faced with the option of shooting a row of bins or mountains, she’s unlikely to head for the hills. It takes all sorts to make the world go round!



You guys made me feel so safe and relaxed that I was able to forget about everything else other than enjoying myself.
We were so well looked after, and everything was well planned and worked out perfectly.
I saw everything I had hoped to see and learnt a lot more about photography than I had expected.


A truly world-class location.