Club Presentations

Inspirational talks from the Photography Online team.

Providing an interactive platform between camera club members and our professional photographers.

If you belong to a camera club and would like to book a live presentation by one of the Photography Online team, we are now offering a selection of educational and entertaining talks which can be booked up to a year in advance. We currently offer these as online services but once travel restrictions have eased, we will open up the option for personal club appearances, where practical.

Duration - Typically 90 mins with an optional 30 minute Q&A.

Price - £150 

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Available Presentations:

    Whether you're looking for a learning experience or an evening of entertainment, we have a wide range of presentations to choose from:


    Shooting Commercially, Off the Beaten Track - by James McCormick

    Documenting the origins of coffee in Ethiopia.

    There is a massive pressure to produce when time is money. How does a photographer work so far from home? What are the pros & cons of working this way? What can we learn from working in difficult conditions?

    Mc2 Photography’s James McCormick will open up and show his entire shoot from start to finish whilst explaining the techniques he employed to produce the images and the all-important reasoning behind each and every shot.


    Making the Most of Focal Lengths and Ratios - by Nick Hanson

    Crop in camera, not in the computer.

    In this 90 minute presentation, award winning professional photographer Nick Hanson uses his portfolio of stunning photos to explain how to make the best use of a wide range of focal lengths. He also demonstrates how the right choice of crop ratio can have a major impact on the success of an image. There will be the opportunity for a Q&A session at the end of the presentation.


    Lighting the Landscape - by Marcus McAdam

    Discover how to have more control over natural light.

    Learn how pro photographer Marcus McAdam uses available light to illuminate the landscape in more detail than you probably thought was possible. In the same way a studio photographer can control the illumination on their subject, Marcus illustrates how the same principles can be applied with natural light in the landscape.


    Photography Online Behind the Scenes - by Ruth Taylor & Marcus McAdam

    The Making of the YouTube Show

    Ruth and Marcus host a 90 minute presentation taking you behind the scenes of the popular YouTube show for photographers. Find out how the show came about in the first place, what’s involved in creating an episode, some of the common filming challenges and the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. There will be plenty of stories sprinkled in along the way.


    Personal Projects - by James McCormick

    Shooting in your local park.

    James McCormick details what can be achieved by simply observing what’s on your own doorstep. Why travel the world when there’s unlocked potential just around the corner. Hear how to set personal creative goals without getting too bogged down with technique. Experimenting in your own local patch, which you can easily return to again and again, is the perfect way to improve your photography.


    Before You Press the Shutter - by Marcus McAdam

    The Importance of Planning

    Marcus explains the process of planning his photography and demonstrates the difference that being prepared can make. Everything from deciding where and when to go, to thinking about exactly where to position the camera before you press the shutter button. Such decisions can never be changed once the photo has been captured, so understanding the importance of planning is key to making a success from your photography.


    Stories Behind the Images - by Marcus McAdam or James McCormick

    If an image speaks a thousand words, then sit down, because we have a few to show you!

    It's safe to say that the two Mcs (now you know where Mc2 comes from!), Marcus and James have lived a little. As a result of working all over the world, from the Far East to Africa and from India to the South Pacific, they have many a story to regale. Using some of their most iconic photos, let them entertain you with anecdotes of travel and mishaps, while sharing their top tips for getting great shots along the way.