Saving the Planet

With the recent amplification in awareness of how fragile our planet is, we’ve taken the decision to set ourselves a target of achieving carbon neutral photo trips.

We see the irony in the fact that we travel all over the world to photograph the beauty of the planet, but by doing so, we are contributing in eroding that beauty.

Being responsible photographers is something we have always insisted on – always leaving a location as we found it (or in a better state), but this is no longer enough. Having a group of people flying from every corner of the planet and then driving around in 4x4s isn’t going to win us any environmental awards, so we’re taking action.

From the beginning of 2020 we will be inviting every one of our customers to offset their carbon emissions for the entirety of their trip. This will become compulsory from 2021 onwards.

How will this work? We will calculate each individual’s emissions, based on where they are flying from, which class they are flying, and then dividing the total output of the trip evenly between the group. We will then send them a link so they can choose which program they want to contribute to. Whether it be reforesting Borneo or the Amazon to projects locally, it will help offset each individual’s carbon footprint for the duration of the trip, helping to ensure the landscapes we go to photograph are there for future generations to enjoy.

For example, someone flying from the UK to join us on our forthcoming trip to Patagonia, will need to pay around £40-£70 (depending on which project they choose) to offset their individual emissions. This will ensure that the Grey glacier (pictured here), one of the amazing locations we will visit on the trip, will still be around for others to enjoy in the future.

We hope you agree with our philosophy and help us achieve our goals of becoming carbon neutral.

James and Marcus.