My first best shot from Harris 2020


Here you go

Anyone care to guess my settings?


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  1. Ali Fairley
  2. Renee Baker

    Beautiful! I’m guessing a slower shutter speed to get the rain in the background. Very cool with the sun in the foreground and rainy skies in the background.

  3. Harry Martin - Mc2 Team
  4. James McCormick - Mc2 Team

    Hi Dave –

    If you get a moment I would love to see this cropped square, with the house in the bottom left corner-ish ( not to tight )

    Also just try having a look in BW – Yes that may seem stupid given the glorious colours but I would bet what you loose in colour you gain in sky drama. Just a thought.

    Love the light and the shadow detail regardless. Really lovely.

  5. Dave Cattlin Post

    Cheers guys

    There’s some hope for me yet

    Or are you just being kind

    Shot straight out of iPhone by the side of the road

    Spotted it in my photos and liked it

    Entirely right about the crop – the RHS detracts

    Our untouched RAW files

    Has to be something in there

    Dave (soon to be CC guru) Cattlin

  6. Dave Cattlin Post

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