Image Backstories #8

A delve into James’ archive of images from his personal project: Richmond Park – The Characters and Charisma of a Royal Park 

In this series of backstories, James is going to explain just a little about how the images were created both technically and creatively.

#8 – Framing Autumn

Approximate settings – 1/30s / f8 / ISO 100 / Lens 35mm

Why this image?

This picture is all about maximising what I found. The low sun and mist are obvious subject matter but the cloudless sky doesn’t add much. I noticed that for some reason the leaves of this particular tree were still hanging on when all others had dropped. The leaves are perfect for filling the cloudless sky and themselves create a beautifully autumnal framing to the image when backlit.

Image thoughts:

Having worked out what I wanted to achieve, my first thought went to ensuring that as much data was recorded across the dynamic range as possible. Secondly, I wanted to ensure the viewers eye goes to the back of the image as much as possible. This is achieved by focusing on the furthest point of the image and using a mid-range f-stop. The lens is then working at its best, the fact the leaves are not pin sharp doesn’t matter as the backlighting ensures they appear to be.

Takeaway tip:

Focusing at the very back of a landscape image nearly always ensures success. There must always be a very good reason not to back focus an image.

*All images in this series where taken whilst walking the dog and only ever carrying one lens at a time. Always simple.
( Canon 5 series bodies – Fixed lenses 400 / 85 / 35 / 14 mm lenses )