Image Backstories #4

A delve into James’ archive of images from his personal project: Richmond Park – The Characters and Charisma of a Royal Park 

In this series of backstories, James is going to explain just a little about how the images were created both technically and creatively.

#4 – A Morning Stretch

Approximate settings – 1/500s / f4 / ISO 400 / Lens 14mm

Why this image?

The majestic Mute Swan. As with many of the images in this series, this particular picture came about principly through observation of behaviour. I noticed that this bird would always have a good stretch after being fed a handful or corn for breakfast. It would eat, have a good preen, then stretch.

Image thoughts:

This image is all about getting the right shutter speed, enough to freeze the body of the bird whilst still allowing for a little movement of the wings. I would have actually preferred a little more wing movement. Aperture becomes irrelevant on wide angle images of this type.

Takeaway tip:

Photographing any scene or subject is about maximising the positives and minimising the negatives. This image is all about getting down as low as possible and producing an image of just the bird and not the bird and the background. Maximise the bird and minimise everything else.

*All images in this series where taken whilst walking the dog and only ever carrying one lens at a time. Always simple.
( Canon 5 series bodies – Fixed lenses 400 / 85 / 35 / 14 mm lenses )