Image Backstories #10

A delve into James’ archive of images from his personal project: Richmond Park – The Characters and Charisma of a Royal Park 

In this series of backstories, James is going to explain just a little about how the images were created both technically and creatively.

#10- A Summer Shower

Approximate settings – 1/1000s / f3.5 / ISO 400 / Lens 400mm

Why this image?

During the summer the deer of the park and in particular the Reds like to bathe. This cools them down and helps remove any unwanted mini-beasts. Once again this behaviour is predictable. If you see a deer swimming it will, when it reaches the shallows, then shake for sure, just as a pet dog will.

Image thoughts:

The light in this picture is not great – the sun is high in the sky and partially obscured by cloud. Basically it’s all bland. So a strong and striking subject matter becomes more important. There is a touch of direction to the light here and it’s from the back – this helps highlight the spray.

Takeaway tip:

If the available light and required style allow, I will always try and avoid using a lens wide open. Closing down just a third of stop will produce far better results, in this case f3.5 on a 400mm f2.8 lens.

*All images in this series where taken whilst walking the dog and only ever carrying one lens at a time. Always simple.
( Canon 5 series bodies – Fixed lenses 400 / 85 / 35 / 14 mm lenses )