Glenfinnan after the storm


Taken a few years back after a heavy rainstorm after coming down Ben Nevis. Got in the car and decided to drive to the ‘Harry Potter’ viaduct to show the kids as there was a tea room right by it and just as we arrived it started to brighten up with some beautiful clouds. I ran across the road and got this and a few other shots.

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  1. Harry Martin - Mc2 Team

    I’ve never actually photographed this monument! Always head up to the viaduct instead for the more cliche image.
    A little constructive criticism about the processing on this image – just be careful with reducing highlights on a bright sky as it can introduce a “halo” effect at the edges of hills – you can see it towards the top left of the image on the hill there. I’d personally bring the highlights and overall exposure of the sky back up, making it a little brighter to combat this. Overall all though the composition is good, defining your subject, and has a good lead in line!

    1. Richard Anderson Post
  2. Lynn Fraser

    Haven’t been down that way in a long time. Only shot it from above once and it was such a horrible day, and there was someone at the top in a hi-vis jacket, that I gave up!

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