Found this one


Settings and how I have processed this one?

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  1. Ali Fairley
  2. Renee Baker
  3. Dave Cattlin Post

    Hi there Renee

    Don’t be angry with me but it’s another shot out of my iPhone processed entirely by Apple


    I feel for you (and for the WWE guys)

    Hopefully they will be able to reschedule the trip for a later date and you will be able to go

    Although Utah 2019 was my fourth time touring the south west, having Adam, Marcus and Carlos leading the tour added immensely not only to the shots I came away with but to my enjoyment of the holiday

    Thrilling, challenging, stimulating, funny, satisfying and inspirational are adjectives I would readily apply to my experience

    And I’d do it all again in a heartbeat

    Marcus – if you quote that I want a byline


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