• Price

    £195 per person

  • Dates

    November to March

  • Group Size

    Max. 2

  • Includes:


  • Start/End Point

    Isle of Skye

  • Fitness

    A good level of fitness

  • Reward Points


As far as we know this is the only commercially available eagle hide in the UK. Days in the hide can be combined with our eagles in the air workshop for the full photographic eagle experience.

The hide is built to comfortably sit two people, plus your guide Harry who will accompany you to ensure you get the most from your experience and minimise any potential disturbance. This is a pure wildlife photography experience, with entry into the hide before dawn, and exit after dark, so patience is definitely required.

It truly feels like you are in the eagle's world. To see them so close, and at eye-level, was something I will never forget.Phil

We use bait that has either died naturally, is a roadkill animal or has been shot ethically for conservation purposes. Despite bait being placed out this does not guarantee sightings. The eagles are completely wild, and do not have a set routine. To maximise your chances of seeing something we recommend 2-3 days in the hide.

Meet your host...


From a very young age Harry had a keen interest in the natural world. His interest in photography also started young and he’s been shooting wildlife since he was 12 years old. From his first slightly out of focus images of garden birds, to now photographing the largest birds of prey in Britain. Harry has been working with golden and white-tailed eagles on Skye for the past 5 years, and built up a substantial knowledge of their behaviour.



“A comfortable hide which has a beautiful view over Skye’s hills" Mike
"With Harry's knowledge and expertise we were able to observe and photograph these incredible raptors in their natural habitat.”
"Even without the eagles the hide is a stunning place to sit and spend a day”. Mike


Grab your chance to get close to eagles and much more.