North American Solar Eclipse


  • Price


  • Dates

    6th - 9th April, 2024

  • Group Size

    Max. 8

  • Includes:

    Accommodation, local transport

  • Start/End Point

    San Antonio, Texas

  • Fitness

    Standard level of fitness required

One of the most spectacular natural phenomena is a total solar eclipse. Many people have witnessed a partial eclipse at some point in their lives, but to be right in the path of a total solar eclipse is on a different level and is something you’ll never forget.

Our last solar eclipse trip was way back in 2017, so we’re as keen as anyone to witness this amazing event again.

We usually head to the U.S each April for our annual American Southwest trip so we’re tagging this 3 day eclipse excursion onto the beginning of our usual trip, to make it even more memorable than it was already going to be.

The trip was an amazing experience. The best part was to spend some time with like minded photographers where we all learned from each other and got some great pictures.
Joan P

You won’t forget the sight of darkness rushing towards you at twice the speed of sound, before everything suddenly goes cold and eerily silent. You now have 4 minutes to get your shots and savour the moment, but be warned, this will be the shortest 4 minutes and 26 seconds you’ve even known. It’s now when you can safely look at the Sun without protective eye wear and see its delicate atmosphere reaching out from behind the moon in a cloud of mist. If we’re lucky, we’ll see huge fiery prominences licking out from behind the Moon’s surface.

Towards the end of totality, the first rays of sunlight will reappear as fine pin pricks of light as they rush through the canyons on the Moon’s surface. This is known as the diamond ring and is the most popular stage of the eclipse to photograph.

The only way to top the experience you just witnessed is to join us in Utah for the following 10 days as we follow our usual itinerary of the world’s most amazing scenery.

Meet the team...

Our guides comes from a wide range of backgrounds, bringing with them a diverse skillset to pass  on to our trip members. We always use two guides for every trip of four or more participants, ensuring that everyone gets a good amount of personal attention. You’ll be notified of your allocated guides once they have been confirmed.

Adam - A professional filmmaker, photographer and musician, Adam’s passion is in finding original subjects and locations to shoot with his camera. Based in Edinburgh, he can often be found working out unique angles of well known landmarks - at least that’s what he says he doing when found exiting a dark alleyway.

Nick - A highly technical photographer who enjoys passing on his knowledge to others. Fortunately, Nick has a lot of patience, so if you don’t understand a concept, he’ll be happy to explain or demonstrate it several times. Nick’s authentic photographic style ensures his images accurately represent the scene he captured - allowing the light to do the work.

Marcus - An award winning pro photographer since 2005, Marcus started his career as a travel photographer. He’s visited over 50 countries and lived in a few too. A bit of a purist and a traditionalist, Marcus can often be found with a film camera from last century rather than toting the latest technology around his neck.



Capture the solar system's greatest show.