Lighthouse Retreat


  • Price


  • Dates

    21st - 24th, 24th - 27th, 27th - 30th January 2023

  • Group Size

    Max. 4

  • Includes:

    Food and drink, boat, accommodation, tuition

  • Start/End Point

    Isle of Skye

  • Fitness

    Average level of fitness required

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    1 point

If you’re looking for the ultimate getaway then look no further. Our three night Lighthouse Retreat does exactly what it says on the tin.

Situated on a tiny island off the west of Scotland, Eilean Sionnach Lighthouse sits among 3000ft snow capped peaks, offering panoramic views in almost every direction. With otters and porpoises swimming past on a regular basis, there’s plenty to keep lovers of wildlife happy too.

Access to this remote island is via private boat (included in the trip cost), and once on shore, we will be stranded until the boat returns three days later to collect us. In the meantime we have only the lighthouse, amazing views and local wildlife as company - providing the ultimate sense of isolation and seclusion from the modern world.

Due to the days being so short, a fair amount of the evenings will be spent going over slideshow presentations and editing your photos from earlier in the day. The theme of this trip is relaxation as there won’t be anything to hurry for. Wander around, take a few photos, consider composition, study the ever changing light, go indoors and warm up by the fire, read a book, go back out and take more photos, eat some food, read more of your book, take more photos, etc… this will be the pace of the day.

We cater the trip ourselves so all food and drink is provided. Due to the limited accommodation (all double en-suites) this is a very small group with only one guide, but this adds to the isolated atmosphere and increases the 1-to-1 attention you will get to take your photography to the next level.

Meet your hosts...


Marcus has been a professional photographer for over fifteen years. He’s visited some of the most dramatic landscapes on the planet, but it is Scotland that draws him back and where he now calls home.

Harry’s love of wildlife is abundantly clear to anyone he spends time with. Trained as a zoologist, studying birds around the world and photographing them, he’s in the perfect position to help you get your best images.



Enjoy your very own private Scottish island.