Harris & Lewis
in Analogue

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  • Price


  • Dates

    4th - 10th February, 2023

  • Group Size

    Max. 11

  • Includes:

    Accommodation, meals and drinks, local transport, guidance, film & developing kit

  • Start/End Point

    Uig, Isle of Skye or Stornoway, Isle of Lewis

  • Fitness

    Average level of fitness required

  • Reward Points

    2 points

Film photography has been seeing a major resurgence over the past few years, with the growth in popularity not showing any signs of dwindling any time soon.

There’s something magical about shooting film which allows the photographer to connect with the art form in a way which digital photography seems to have left behind. Whether you used to shoot film in a previous life or have never tried it but would love to see what the fuss is all about, then this workshop is designed to illustrate the appeals of slowing down and doing things the traditional way.

What a wonderful week of majestic vistas, expert teaching and kind hospitality you have created for us all. Thank you for your patience with this novice photographer. I have learned so much. Planning, patience and persistence!

Renee B

Our base will be a private hunting lodge on the Isle of Lewis, which not only provides the perfect location for photo subjects, but also as a place to develop your own film. The Isles of Harris and Lewis offer amazing potential for film photography, with a variety of coastal scenes, pristine sandy beaches, dunes and old abandoned houses.

We aim to spend half our time taking photos and the other half developing our film. We will provide all the necessary equipment you will need to process both B&W and colour film - showing you how easy it can be to do everything yourself. We won’t be doing any printing, as that would require another workshop altogether, but we can do scanning and contact sheets so that you come away with an image which is ready for print.

Meet your hosts...


Marcus has led several groups to the island and ensures everyone is in the right place at the right time. Together with James and Harry, he guarantees everyone captures the breathtaking landscapes that Harris and Lewis are known for.

James will be demonstrating how to cheat at snooker, and can often be found relaxing in front of the open fire in the drawing room, regaling a host of his true life stories, some of which actually happened.

Matt is an award-winning travel photographer and an avid user of film. He has written numerous articles on travel and film photography for photography magazines as well as run film workshops and photo walks around the world. By day he is the marketing manager for ILFORD so will be on hand to answer all your black & white questions.



I’ve never felt so relaxed on a photography holiday before, or eaten so well!
The beaches are like something from the Caribbean, I never knew we had such beautiful places in the UK.
The staff at the lodge looked after us so well, it was a real home from home.


Get up close with the locals.