Isle of Eigg
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  • Price

    £1,295 shared occupancy / £1,495 single occupancy

  • Dates

    14th - 17th May 2022 / 17th - 20th May 2022

  • Group Size

    Max. 8

  • Includes:

    Accommodation, meals, local transport, use of Kase filters

  • Start/End Point

    Mallaig, near Fort William

  • Fitness

    Standard level of fitness required

  • Reward Points

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The Isle of Eigg is a seldom visited island of the Inner Hebrides. The geology, spanning 1,000 million years of oceans, volcanoes and ice ages contain not only a wealth of geological interest, but photographically some of the best foreground in the UK. Combined with the dramatic mountainous outline of the Isle of Rum as a backdrop, you can begin to see why Eigg is an ideal location for photography.

Our trip centres around Laig Bay and the Singing Sands, both located in the North of the Island. Although we will be focussing mainly on these two locations the wealth of photographic possibilities here is endless. Our time on Eigg will allow you to find, plan and execute the perfect shot. From the unique shapes and textures you’ll find in the sand on Laig beach, to the varied and otherworldly rock formations of the Singing Sands, there is something here for everyone. Add in the changing light typical of this time of year, and you’ll likely return home with a vast array of different images.

Being able to revisit the same locations a few times really helped me improve my composition skills, an amazing few days of photography.

Our trip will also provide a great way to develop your photographic techniques, ranging from the use of filters and long exposure photography, to honing your understanding of depth of field and composition. Our goal is for you to leave the Isle of Eigg with a greater understanding of technique, how to apply it in varying situations, as well as a collection of amazing shots and a yearning to return

Meet your hosts...

Adam Bulley runs photo workshops in his home city of Edinburgh, and is also a successful filmmaker, videographer and talented musician. His passion for photography is clear for all to see and he works extremely hard to make sure you get the best images possible. As well as hosting our trips to the American Southwest, Adam spends much of his time exploring the diverse landscapes of Scotland, from east coast to west.

As with all our trips Adam will be accompanied by another experienced member of our team.

I could have photographed those beaches forever, especially with such great accommodation to go back to afterwards.
Your enthusiasm for photography is infectious, it made the whole workshop hugely enjoyable and I feel much more confident with my camera.
The photography was amazing, but the food might have topped it - I didn’t know if I looked forward to sunset or dinner more!


Develop your photography in a stunning location.