• Price

    £260 (for up to 2 people, £20 per person extra)

  • Dates


  • Group Size

    Max 4 people

  • Includes:

    Local transport, 6-8 hour day

  • Start/End Point

    Portree, Isle of Skye

  • Fitness


  • Reward Points


Let local guide Harry show you around Skye, looking for some of its incredible wildlife. A bespoke day perfect for those looking for a photograph, or just to enjoy the natural beauty of the island.

Spring and early summer brings a beautiful array of wildflowers, from bluebells to fragile orchids. You can shoot these as macro subjects, or as part of a wider landscape.

“Harry was able to answer all our questions, no matter how obscure about the birds we were watching, plus more!”

If you prefer fauna to flora, then don’t worry there is plenty to choose from. Dippers, and wading birds festoon the coasts and rivers, along with seals and dolphins. Spring and autumn bring a change in the bird life, with migrants either leaving or arriving. Autumn also brings with it the deer rut, and though there is only a small deer population on Skye there is still the opportunity to try and get close to stags roaring at dawn.

A perfect way to practice your photographic creativity can be on some of Skye’s less wild animals such as the highland cows.

Meet your host…

Harry’s love of wildlife is abundantly clear to anyone he spends time with.

Trained as a zoologist, studying birds around the world and photographing them, he’s in the perfect position to help you get your best images. Living on Skye all year round he knows where the wildlife will be and when, so whatever you’d like to find he can help.



“A perfect day for newcomers to wildlife photography, we can’t wait to go and practice more”
“I could have spent all day photographing those seals, they were like playful puppies!”
“Learning how to approach wildlife and photograph it without disturbance was a real eye opener”


Explore Skye’s wildlife like never before.